Monday, May 12, 2014

Have you had your Beens today?

Been is a new website that I was fortunate enough to discover this week thanks to Discovery Education.  Been is a great way to bookmark websites, share those bookmarks and even browse collaboratively!  It is a fantastic way to share websites with your students for research projects.   I am in love with this new tool and I think it could be a great addition to the classroom or even your personal life!  I'm already making Beens, for example, to share with my children at home so they don't have to search the internet looking for games to play!    

Been has great videos of their own which are included, but I also did a short one to show what it looks like in action.  Be sure to check out all 5 videos below to learn more about this great resource!
NOTE: If you're doing CEU credit, count this post as 3!  

My video on using Been

A special thanks to my Been Buddies, Dave and Sang for allowing me to help test the product.....and fall in love with it! Y'all are awesome and have really created a fantastic tool!  Best wishes to you as you continue to grow!


Dave Yoon said...

Thank you, Julie! This is so awesome!

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